Interview with Dan Liu, editor of “The Walking Dead”

All the sacrifices and the hard work gotten to arrive where he is

A Desirè Sara Serventi’s interview


The great editor Dan Liu was artistically educated at the prestigious New York University. His debut in the cinema was as an editing assistant in the documentary “When The Levees Broke” for his University professor. From there he walked a long way, obtaining for his job a great number of satisfactions and success. His artistic plain and professional training due to a lot of study and work on the field, caused him to be an expert editor which allowed him to always get excellent job results. He became first editing assistant for the famous tv series “The Walking Dead” and then editor. If on one hand his talent and expertise are very visible while he is working, on the other hand his cordiality and sympathy are palpable when he talks. That is why we can easily state that both his cordiality and professionalism as editor represent a perfect union.

How did your passion for editing arise?
I started editing videos for my high school drama class after our school received some Avid machines. Since then I have always loved putting film and video together.

Where did you achieve your artistic education?
New York University and many jobs and mentors.

What memory have you got of your debut in the show business?
My first real job was for my professor in university for a documentary. That first weekend our system crashed and I spent the next 2 days and nights figuring out how to get all of our files back online. It was intense for a first job.

Is it difficult to stand out in this field?
There are a lot of people who try to enter the entertainment industry, so it is very difficult. You have to show you want the job more than other people, that you work more and work harder. Also you need a lot of luck.

What do you consider to be the most important job in your career and why?
Assistant editing on The Walking Dead in season 2. Through that I was able to get a chance to become an editor.

In the series the walking dead your role is the assistant editor. Would you like to explain what is your job all about?
That was 3 years ago. I have since become an editor on the show. We get the footage they shoot on set and we start putting the footage together. We choose what angles and takes to use, and add temporary sound effects and music. So we start the template for what the episode will eventually become.

What suggestion would you give to someone wishing to do your job?
Get as much experience as you can and let people you meet know what you can do. Be open to doing any job as long as it helps you learn.

What commitments have you got recently?
I am currently editing the show Salem before Walking Dead Season 7 starts.

Plans for the future?
Keep learning and get better at my craft! thanks Dan Liu for the interview.

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